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Interior House Painting or Staining Topics

Living Room Painting: 3 Things You Need to Know

Let our professionals guide you on your way to a beautiful living room. With these simple living room painting ideas, Repairs and Paints will have your home looking great!

Exterior House Painting or Staining Materials, Equipment & Techniques

Painting Technology

The chemistry of paint has changed throughout time. Here's some interesting information related to painting technology.

Interior House Painting or Staining DIY - Do it Yourself

Paint Tape Won't Stick

Taping for painting. If your going to start painting the first thing to do is prep right!

Faux Painters Topics

Faux Painting Cost

Learn about faux painting costs and what to consider when hiring a faux painter.

House Painting Topics

Examples of House Painting Projects

Examples of house painting projects done by Painting Sevices by Steve

Exterior House Painting Cost

Learn about exterior house painting costs and what to consider when hiring a contractor to paint the exterior of your home.

House Paint - One of the Main Elements of Renovation

When renovating your home, always remember to start from exterior surfaces of the house and then do the interiors, unless of course you live in an apartment. Exterior renovation includes the scraping off old house paint, removing the deck stain accumulated on the window panes, applying a fresh coat of wood primer on the wooden furniture of the house, removing the stains of old paint, applying wood primer on the entrance door and garage doors, improving the lighting of the house, fitting eco friendly replacement windows in order to conserve energy etc.

House Painting DIY

Painting does not seem to be one of the more difficult home improvement jobs one shall do themselves. Ahhhh but the truth is that the quality of the work can make or break the true professionalism of a job.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Interior House Painter?

Receive free cost estimates from professional interior house painters near you. Receive the best deal and choose from multiple providers.

How Much Paint Does It Take to Paint a Room?

A standard bedroom will require 2 gallons of paint, but the color of the paint matters.

How To Choose A Painter - Tips On Finding Qualified Painting Contractors

Write down the end result you expect - prep work ,areas to be painted, type of finishe(s), compile list of potential painters, compare proposals using logical criteria, make sure that everything is "covered".

How to Get Quotes for Home Painting Costs

Getting quotes for home painting costs is a task that takes time and effort. Try using a service that matches you to local house painters.

Kitchen Painting - Before and After an 8 Day Makeover

Kitchen painting and remodeling in 8 days while customers lived in the house, Katy, Tx

Learn from the "Old School" Painters

In this painting trade that I make a living at, I'm what is considered "Old School" and I was taught by a couple of old guys that were older than "Old School" over 30 years ago.

Lifetime Warranties for House Paint

Having been painting for almost 29 years now, I've had the experience of being introduced to, and applying what some companies are selling as 'lifetime coatings'.

Paint Samples: Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Before you pick up samples, consider the following factors when choosing paint for your home You won't want to repaint your home next year if you don't like your choice, so above all, take your time and don't rush the selection process.

Painting Services By Steve, Katy, Texas Painter

Pictures of our work done by Painting Services By Steve of Katy, Texas.

Things to Consider Before Painting a Coastal Home

House painting in coastal areas is highly specialized. Because a coastal home is subject to a higher content of salt than inland structures, preparation and paint selection are extremely important. It's best to use a local professional painter because they have the experience needed to do the job properly.

Tips for Hiring a Paint Contractor

Start with asking friends, family, co-workers, etc. if they know or have used someone that customer satisfaction was a priority in the way that they worked. Painting is a trade where its very easy to screw up and many people have had bad experiences because of this.

Tips on House Painter References

When you are selecting a residential painting company for estimates, remember that the choices you make will last for years. Asking a few additional questions before the house painters begin on your Florida home can give greater peace of mind and go a long way in getting the experience you deserve.

Do painters who paint home interiors also paint home exteriors?

Top answer: Most of the time

Do painters who paint homes also paint commercial properties?

Top answer: Some of the time

How many square feet can one gallon of paint typically cover? (one coat)

Top answer: 300-400 square feet

Is it advisable to paint over wallpaper?

Top answer: No, remove the wallpaper first.

Is it customary to tip a professional painting service?

Top answer: No

Should stucco be primed before painting?

Top answer: Yes, always

Wallpaper seams will show through if they are painted without first applying a joint compound.

Top answer: True

Will the texture of wallpaper show through if it is painted?

Top answer: Always

Will wallpaper bubble if it is painted?

Top answer: Some of the time

Mural Painting Topics

Home and Business Decorating Tips with Fine Art

Fine art can transform space, give character and create a feeling of welcome in your home or business. Placing the right painting or mural in a room may have a greater impact than you can imagine.

How Much Does a Mural Typically Cost?

How much do muralists charge? Learn more about the average cost of mural painting and get some helpful information about finding a muralist in your area.

How long does it typically take to paint a 10ft x 10ft mural?

Top answer: 1 week

How Much Does Professional Mural Painting Cost?

Electrostatic Painting Topics

Cost of Electrostatic Painting

How much does electrostatic painting cost? Find average prices in your local area and get tips for hiring an painter for your project.

Can I electrostatic paint wood?

Can I paint over electrostatic paint?

Top answer: In most cases

Can I use electrostatic paint on aluminum?

Top answer: Yes

Can I use electrostatic paint on stainless steel?

Top answer: Yes

Can I use electrostatic paint on wood?

Top answer: Yes

Do I need to empty a file cabinet before it can be painted electrostatically?

Top answer: In most cases

Does electrostatic paint work on school lockers?

Top answer: In most cases

Does electrostatic painting release any foul odors?

Top answer: Yes

Does electrostatic painting work on non-metal objects?

Top answer: Never

How does electrostatic painting work?

How long does it take for electrostatic paint to fully dry?

Top answer: 4-6 hours

Is electrostatic painting harmful to the environment?

Is it possible to electrostatic paint a chain link fence?

Top answer: In most cases

What is electrostatic painting?

What is electrostatic painting used for?

What is the difference between electrostatic painting and powder coating?

Will electrostatic paint work on elevator doors?

Top answer: In most cases

Other Painting Service Topics

Best House Painters Near Me

Hire a professional commercial painter in Chicago. In fact, hire the "Best House Painters Near Me".

First Stages of a Mural

Video of a muralist as he begins a mural by sketching the city.

Mural Artist at Work

Video portraying a mural artist working on high scaffolding as he finishes the last stage of a mural.

Painting Exterior Bricks: A short Guide

Painting exterior bricks isn’t as hard and complicated as most people consider them. All it needs is just some preplanning, little efforts and a bit of time.

Painting Murals

A video featuring the artist, a light, paint, a brush and a cameraman.

Safety is a Concern for Muralists

Video illustrating a muralist working safely on scaffolding.

Related Questions & Answers

Can popcorn ceilings be painted?

Top answer: Always

Can chain link fences be painted?

Top answer: In most cases

Does drywall need to be primed?

Top answer: Yes

Can Fire Sprinkler Heads Be Painted?

Top answer: No, never

Is it possible to paint a fireplace insert?

Top answer: In most cases

Can electric baseboard heaters be painted?

Top answer: No, never

Is it possible to paint aluminum siding?

Top answer: Yes, always

Is it possible to paint spray foam insulation?

Top answer: In most cases

Can I paint over mold?

Top answer: Never

Can you paint an asphalt shingle roof?

Top answer: Never

Does Metal Roofing Rust?

Top answer: Some of the time

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

Top answer: 25+ years

Is metal roofing more cost effective than asphalt roofing?

Top answer: In some cases

Can asbestos siding be painted?

Top answer: Yes, always

Can plantation shutters be re-painted?

Top answer: In most cases

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